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All That I Can’t Leave Behind has a very stark and bleak feeling to it. The eyes of the main logo graphic are a perfect visual to give you the feeling of what this journal is all about. Those eyes watch you, and even the “Odin cam” proclaims that Big Brother is monitoring the situation.

Odin, author of All That I Can’t Leave Behind, can write. He writes in such a gripping way that it’s impossible not to read every word. This journal is a philosophical and often frustrated look at what’s going on, not only with the writer but also with the world. Most of us would say: “It snowed today.” Odin says, “The first snow has finally fallen. About a month late, I’d say. I don’t know why, but I’ve been waiting for it like it was an old friend coming back into town. And like an old friend, now that it’s here, it’s as if it never left.”.

There’s not much to say about the layout of the journal – it’s simple. The layout and colors fit this journal in a way that makes me not able to imagine this journal in any other way.

There’s a lot of good extra stuff here. Odin offers a glossary of the terms he uses most often, which is a great idea and something I haven’t seen anywhere else. There is a section that lists song lyrics, along with a link to download the song, and a section of Odin’s poetry. You can also purchase “Odinwear” – tshirts, mugs, coasters, mousepads, and frisbees with the All I Can’t Leave Behind logo. You can also directly instant message Odin’s cell phone using his tagboard. I might suggest a guestbook or commenting section in case someone has something to say that isn’t urgent enough to page Odin. All That I Can’t Leave Behind might also benefit from some sort of official About Me page.

All That I Can’t Leave Behind is smart and insightful. Odin is a wonderful writer, and I highly recommend a visit to the journal. I will definitely be back for subsequent visits!
All That I Can’t Leave Behind

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