Review 1177

9 and 3 Quarters is a cute blog. The owner, Jade, is a perky writer – dragging you into her adventures almost from the start. While the blog looked to be only three months old, she had enough entries that I could easily figure out what kind of person she might be.

The design of 9 and 3 Quarters is simple enough – her nav bar is obvious and easy to navigate through, although I found that it covered up part of the main text area at times. I attempted to look at it through another browser and had the same problem, so I don’t believe it was on my end. She has chosen a color scheme and font that is easy on the eye as well. There were a few graphics that didn’t come up, but other than that the site design was near-perfect in it’s simplicity.

Jade hosts other websites but other than providing links for those and the cliques she’s a part of, the site is pretty much just a blog. And that’s okay, because she doesn’t seem to wish to be anything but that. Perhaps in the future she’ll change her mind and do more with the site, but for now, there’s not a lot of content since it’s a young blog. But give her a few more months and it’ll probably become a regular read for me.

If you are a young female this blog is for you – that’s who Jade is. If you are something else you may not strictly identify with the website itself. But if you stick around and read her posts you’ll find a fun storyteller who is pretty savvy. 9 and 3 Quarters

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