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I liked “Mirdin The Online Diary Of A Strange Me” the first second I got there. The layout is nice and pleasing to the eye, easy to read, and the main page photo (outside of the cars going the wrong way) looks just like the Northern town I grew up in.

This is Johnathan Ismael’s weblog. Resident of the United Kingdom, student, and probably the most “descriptive” blogger I’ve yet read. When the author is describing the day he does it with such clarity that you almost feel like you are there i.e. “The sky, crystal clear hazy like snow, yet the sun perished it with it warming rays.” Darn, I wish I could write like that. I thought the author hit the nail on the head with his August 27th entry that categorizes the different difficulites there are in getting out of bed.

The site design is superb, you can tell the author knows a thing or two about website design. If you go to his Curriculum Vitae you can see why. Along with having a couple years experience with Java, HTML, and a month of Microsoft Embedded Visual Tools (whatever that is) the author also lists circus skills (including unicycling and stilt walking) as his interests. There is also a link to his father’s laundry mat. Which I have to say, is the cleanest laundry mat I’ve ever seen. Its also one of the most hilarious additions to a weblog I’ve ever seen. Where else can you see the rearview of a Spencer Sprint Dry washing machine?

The author also seems to be a pretty good photographer. Most of the pictures posted in the “Picture Things” section are of the UK in winter. Just looking at them gives you a chill. I liked the “Talk To Me” section. There you can just put in your name and email and message and hit send. Thats always a nice consideration in a website.

I do have to take points away though. This weblog only covers the last two months. I did notice that the author probably did have a much larger website but he is in the process of “starting over”.

I’m giving this site a “3” because I enjoyed my time there, and I enjoyed the writing. This weblog would have done much better had there been more to read. Hopefully in the future the author will open up his archives, judging by what I’ve read, I would certainly like to read them. Three stars, check it out.

mirdin the online diary of a strange me

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