Review 1145

Oh wow. Prepare yourself for nothing but raving.

The site design was absolutely gorgeous! The colors all went together well, and the functionality of everything was very easy to figure out and worked wonderfully throughout the site.

I visited the “sounds” portion of the website, and downloaded on of the available mp3 tracks that were available. And once again, I just continued to be impressed with the quality of everything about this site. It’s hard to appreciate covers of some of your favorite songs, but when they’re done as splendidly as they are here, it makes you all the happier.

The photo gallery of the site just continues to add to the brilliant things that you’ll continue to find. The pictures of the author are all fabulous. As she says in her about section, she’s always smiling and proof of that can be seen by going through the different pictures she has available for viewing.

I liked reading the weblog portion of the site. The entries are broke up into several throughout the day, rather than one long, drawn out post. I like the idea of reading just a bit at a time, and not blabbing on and on.

Even though the entries are concise, you still find out a lot about the author. She’s got a wonderful relationship with her mom, a dog with nearly the geekiest (sorry, Daisey!) name ever – Linux – that is treated just like a child, and you just get the idea that she’s passionate about so many things.

You can tell from reading what Daisey writes that people are drawn to her, and love being around here. Just from the words she uses, it seems as if she has a wonderfully close relationship to everyone she spends a lot of time with and doesn’t take it for granted.

An artist, a web designer, a programmer, a musician, a singer – with that much talent and ambition, one can only expect all around greatness from this weblog. The greatness is certainly prevalent at [d.a.i.s.e.y].


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