Review 1124

Confused. That’s my one word I’ll have to use to describe how I felt after leaving Fosh Dawg.

The splash page is a bit unique and I liked that. I’m assuming, after looking at some of the different sites the author has had his hand in designing, Fosh Dawg is probably in the midst of an overhaul.

Depending on which link you click on to get to the weblog, you could get two different appearances. One’s a VERY simple layout, with no formatting at all – no navigation, nothing. And the other is in a boxed format with different shades of blue, and is extremely hard to tell how to follow the order of posts. There’s also a link to click on for the author’s journal, but it’s the same non-formatted weblog as mentioned previously.

There isn’t much of a weblog to read. When the author DOES decide to write something more than two sentences long, it’s not terrible to read. It’s typically a description of something out of the norm that’s going on in his life, and it’s always good to read things like that.

Hoping the photo section of the website would provide me with some type of substance, I made sure to visit all the different galleries that are set up. Much to my dismay, out of the eight galleries, only three actually had any pictures at all in them.

“Fosh” does have a nice bio section, though. It’s always good to hear that there are still some men out there that are trying to keep the dream of being a gentleman still alive.

I just felt like this site was really incomplete – the design wasn’t fluid throughout the whole site, there were no archives, and maybe only a dozen

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