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I make no promises is a very simple looking weblog, but simple is refreshing when so many others are becoming more and more fussy. Anna definitely hasn’t gone for the girly blog.

Anna is an American teenager, actually two days younger than my son, she started this blog in November last year and has posted pretty much every day since. Its exactly what you would expect from a teenagers blog, but its well written, and Anna expresses herself very well for one so young. This blog reminds me of what it was like to be eighteen. There is a lot to read here and it should take you a while to get through it, but its worth every minute in my opinion.

The design of this site is very simple, using a white background with black text and sky blue links. I make no promises is set out in three columns the centre column being the one that houses the main content. The two side columns contain all the other things that this site offers, including links, about, places to go, things to do, pictures, plus a few more. Most of the links work, and the comments section is also used well.

All in all this is a very well thought out, well written weblog, and you cant really ask for much more. It will invariably appeal to the younger audience, but if you are longing to reclaim some of your lost youth go here for a while, you wont regret it. I give it a creditable 3.5

i make no promises

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