Review 1091

When I first arrived at Smothering Chaos I kind of liked the simple green layout and the white lettering. I would come to find out that is about all I would like about Smothering Chaos.

The blog hasn’t been updated since the middle of July. Before that the author seems to be on a once a month posting schedule. Most of the posts are about random thoughts and reactions to current events. I was able to find the author’s main page using the “scroll the mouse pointer all over the page looking for a link” method. When I got to the main page I used the same search method and was able to find out the authors name and where he is from. I found some pictures too. But that took forever to find.

There is a guestbook, but thats the only easy thing there is to find. This is easily one of the most confusing designs I’ve ever seen.

All in all, my time spent at Smothering Chaos was nothing short of frustrating. The posts are few and far between, the whole site is confusing, just not a user friend site at all. Smothering Chaos is best viewed in Internet Explorer. I advice you not view at all. Half a star, check it out if you are bored. Smothering Chaos

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