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Drugs Make Me Cool is the blog of Sharon, comedy reviewer for The Comedy Lounge. I wasn’t sure if I should expect drug-induced lunacy or a news-type site – Drugs Make Me Cool is a very plain template Blogspot site.

Sharon, a self-proclaimed “television cynic,” is absolutely media-obsessed. She is currently working on a project to list and write about every TV show she watches “thereby exposing what a restricted social life I have.” There are some interesting things here, even if you’re not interested in television or comedy acts. There is a particularly funny chronology of breaking in new Doc Martins, which I can relate to, as well as a comical job hunt saga.

Drugs Make Me Cool would be better served by a new design. Sharon makes it perfectly clear that she doesn’t really know HTML and makes fun of herself for barely being able to install a guestbook. Still, Sharon’s stories are entertaining and a design more suited to her writing would give the site some punch. The only real problem with Drugs Make Me Cool is the occasional broken graphical links.

Drugs Make Me Cool is really a no frills blog. To make it a more user-friendly journal I would recommend a good About Me page or even a 100 Things list. Expanded navigational links might also be a good idea – an entire month of posts is listed on page and readers must continually go back to the Archives page to navigate to each month. This is just a personal preference type of thing, but I heartily recommend making a special entry page specifically for meme entries [Friday Fives, Monday Missions, etc.] – meme and quiz entries tend to break up the flow of reading for me.

Overall, Drugs Make Me Cool was an entertaining read. I would likely go back for another visit.

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