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On first glance there’s nothing that separates this site from any other blog site on the web, no fancy graphics, no internal links, just a lot of good old fashioned blogging. The whole idea of Weblog Review is to review the actual blog, so it took a fair effort to ignore the lack of ‘extras’ and concentrate solely on my purpose being here, read the blog and review it. So here we go;

Just reading the first paragraph was enough to get me interested, actually anything about food will pretty much do that for me, but being tucked away in the land down under its always exciting to see what those wacky Americans are cooking up next, in this case deep-fried Oreos (which I believe is a chocolate biscuit?). Detailed and descriptive I was intrigued enough to stay interested in reading the blog for a lengthy period of time, and the writing is light and easy to read. Spelling and grammar-wise I couldn’t fault it, class act all the way.

The design… well I promised not to be too harsh here so I won’t. It’s a straight blog, limited graphics, but clean and neat so there isn’t too much more you could ask for. Comments are always nice too, it saves writing emails and you can share your thoughts with the author and other readers. Big heading break up the blog too which I rather liked, it just makes it so much easier on the eyes. Nice good sized fonts too.

My only comment to the author would be a bio page, I feel every review I do I say the same thing, bio’s are important to get some idea of the person your reading about. Its fine if you read it every day, but for me its pretty much guess work on who she is in the larger scope. Again you can live without it, but hey, it helps.

Overall I enjoyed reading ‘They Won’t Buy the Cow’, its one of the more interesting blogs going around at the moment. Personally I think there might be some issues there with ex-boyfriends that might need sorting out, but in a way it adds a degree of humour. Out of a score of 5 I give it a 3 and a half. Worth taking a peak.

They Won’t Buy the Cow

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