Review 1082

I immediately loved the overall impression the colors gave to the site. Medium dark grey is the perfect backdrop for a photography gallery.

This site is pretty much a pure photolog. There is next to no text content, other than a brief description of the photograph galleries and their contents. The photos themselves are very nice. The author of the site shoots a wide variety of subject matter: flowers, statues, buildings, people, etc. Most of them are very well balanced visually and are pretty crisp images. From the looks of it, though, PHP is used to create the thumbnail images. While easy on the author (no need for multiple sizes of the same image), the thumbnails themselves look very poor. A few of the close up images (such as flowers) appeared to be a bit out of focus (maybe this is intended?). Fortunately, the slight bluriness doesn’t plague many of the photos.

While I loved the colors, I had a hard time dealing with the patchwork nature of the layout. The front page uses three different styles of formatting for each of the galleries. I was very irritated by being forced to take a cookie from this site. I realize that there is a “my favorites” type feature, but I shouldn’t be offered a cookie until I try and add images to the favorites. Many of the site features were broken for anyone not using Internet Explorer. The bar across the top of the full size images (that offered “add to favorites” and “series index”) was squished all to the left in Netscape 6 and Opera 6.02. Even then, only the series index link worked in those browsers, and add to favorites was not visible so I couldn’t tell if that worked or not.

In addition to photographs, the author offers Flash creations for your amusement. I was not amused. I use the Flash 6 player, since earlier versions have a security vulnerablity. The Flash toys were created in Flash 5 and were not compatible with my player (I blame this mostly on Macromedia, this is twice now where new players have problems playing older SWFs). The Flash widgets were much more fun and interesting once I tried them with the Flash 5 player.

Overall, it is a very attractive site. The photographs were very attractive and varied enough to suit almost anyone. If you don’t mind missing some of the features the author offers, it is still accessible in almost any newer browser.stuntLab

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