Review 1079

The Lardpony web site is centred around the weblog, and the most recent post is on the front page. Everything else you need is also right there in front of you just where you want it, so lets go in and have a look.

This weblog has been in existence for about three years in different places, its been here for about a year and this is the content that I concentrated on. Thomas, the writer has a very easy conversational style of writing and can be very witty. He is a student, and this site is centred on the stereotypical student lifestyle of drinking, music, junk food and barely making your deadlines. Its not a diary weblog in the truest sense of the word, he just spills onto the page whatever is in his head, and this makes it interesting. 2001 was definitely the best year for this blog, and if it was based on that alone it would have scored higher. The posts seem to have become a chore over the last few months, and I am sure this has a lot to do with increased student responsibilities. This blog has survived a long time and I am convinced the content will be back to its original best at some point in the future.

Lardpony uses a mauve frame and a centred white page that holds the content of the blog. All the other places within the site are linked from the main page, and this makes it a very easy site to navigate. Posts are archived monthly and are easy to find. All the links work fine, although a few images are missing from the older archives. The comments option is one that I like, and its used here to its fullest extent. In short, its original and well laid out.

All things considered I like this blog. I like the wry sense of humour which is typically English, and has a tendency to be profane on occasion. I havent got a problem with so-called bad language, but some people have, and for this reason the site must be for over eighteens only. Check out this blog if you are a student, or if you have a good hour to kill. I give it a respectable 3.5


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