Review 1075

“…inexplicably fancy trash.” makes me wish I had a better sex life so I could completely relate to the discourse on this site, which revolves around sex, sexuality, and erotica. The blog’s description, “Being a blog on what it is we think of when we think we’re thinking of sex. With your host, Nicholas Urfé,” is clever and enticing, making the reader first have to puzzle out the sentence structure, then pause to wrap one’s mind around the concept behind Nicholas’s writing.

The suggestive background image, which is partially obscured by the main body of the blog, emphasizes the relaxed, irreverent approach to sex that the author exhibits in some of his entries. But do not think that this is a fluff blog with a sexy lure. Tough issues like teen sex-education and freedom of speech are also linked to and discussed. In other words, “…inexplicably fancy trash.” is Nicholas’s views of sex and its portrayal and role in society, from funny and flippant to angry and reactionary, and everything in between.

“…inexplicably fancy trash.” is, of course, for those 18 and up, though I’m sure Nicholas would have his own thoughts on our society’s insistence of protecting “the children” from all things sexual. The site design could be better, but it serves its purpose of providing the reader with refreshing and interesting content. For a topic that is still a touchy, sometimes taboo subject, Nicholas manages to discuss sex with a healthy, open-minded attitude that takes away the giggling, blushing reaction to sex without stripping it down to boring, dull biology. Kudos.“…inexplicably fancy trash.”

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