Review 1071

Blue, black, pink, and simple layout, so I was pleased right off the bat. The simpler the blog the easier it is to read and understand, in my opinion.

Stephanie Anderson’s “Retrospection” isn’t really all that retrospective at all, but the author is the first one to note that. It seems like it started out with the goal of restrospection and just became a daily journal about whatever struck the author’s fancy. As such, it serves its purpose just fine. This site has probably the most thorough (and hilarious) about sections “moi” that I’ve ever seen.

At first its kind of difficult to find the archives. The ‘oldies’ section, when clicked on sends you to the webpage. The author needs to change that link from ‘’ to ‘oldestentries.html’. I found the right link in the ‘qoutes’ section, which is a section I throroughly enjoyed. I never thought I would find myself pondering the depths of a Gary Gilmore qoute. There’s also a guestbook.

The design compliments the site. Nothing to distract from what you are reading, the colors do not make it difficult to read.

All in all, I enjoyed this site a lot. Easy to navigate (the archives don’t work well with an older netscape, any IE will do fine though), hilarious at times, when I was done reading I felt like I knew the author, an all around good weblog. Four stars, check it out.


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