Review 107 is a dedicated site by a dedicated person. Its layout is frequently redesigned, and the webmaster self-checks for originality and, well, dedication. Plus the latest layout features an entire sidebar dedicated to TheBwit’s dedicated exercise routines which is part of his dedicated plan to slim down and tone up. Whew. Now that’s dedication for you.

First, lets get all the bad points out of the way. While this frequent re-vamping of the site’s appearance is good and heightens reader interest, it is a nuisance when you click on the archive links to find out that you can’t read some parts of it because another layout was used when those archived posts were blogged. For example, the current design has a divider between the exercise blog and the main blog, which means the main blog is somewhere in the middle. For older posts, there was no exercise blog and thus the blog was aligned to the left. So now we have a black line running through the text and a huge emerald buddha (current design) obscuring words and being eyesores when we read archived posts in the current layout. Also, there are quite a few sprinklings of misspelled and misused words on TheBwit, which sometimes hinder readability.

Now, on to the good parts. This site features quite a lot of discussions about the blogging world, with comments back and forth by readers and friends of TheBwit. The discussions are usually insightful and illuminating, though sometimes the talk gets a bit too ‘insider-y’ and the casual reader gets lost. Another good point is that TheBwit maintains a nice mix of posts about his personal life and posts about his opinions and views about the world (both real and virtual, with more emphasis on virtual). This way, the reader does not overdose quite that easily. Also, there is a very long list of all the DVDs TheBwit owns on the site. I’m not sure what it’s there for, but it does look mighty impressive sitting there. Perhaps if TheBwit started reviewing movies it would be there to lend some credibility.

In summary, other than the inconvenience caused by template changes, there is nothing wrong with Content-wise, although engaging and informative on a whole, it would appeal more to blogging and programming enthusiasts. For those who want to know what it takes to be a dedicated webmaster (TheBwit runs several sites, including I Own These), head over right now.


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