Review 107

I can’t really remember how long I’ve been reading thebwit. It seems like it’s always been one that I’ve had on my list of daily must reads and have really gotten to know the author. Maybe the fact that I do talk to him on a nearly basis gives me more incentive to check back up on him from time to time. Even if I didn’t know the author, is still a site I’d probably frequent.

It’s neat to see the transformation the site has gone through. Initially, it started out as a weblog describing “Living with a Med Student” as thebwit goes on to give readers insight on what it’s like, well, living with a med student. And now, after nearly 18 months of archives, the author tends to focus quite a bit more on web programming, weblogs in general, and of course, touching base on current events.

The programming posts are perfect for those programming junkies who can’t seem to get enough of all those different languages out there. Reading about weblogs may not appeal to the general public, but thebwit’s research on the topic does nearly have it down to an exact science so those new in the weblogging world may find some advice in those posts.

The posts that have kept me coming back in the past and will continue to draw me to in the future are the ones that tell me what’s up with his life. I like learning about changes in his work, different projects he’s working on, or what type of weekend he’s had with his loved ones. The personal touch that you can find here is very nice.

A newer addition to the site that I’ve found not only interesting, but motivating is the mini exercise posts on the left hand side of the site. Readers can keep tabs on thebwit’s progress in working towards those washboard abs he’s shooting for by his summertime vacations.

Lately, the new designs have been popping up one right after another. The majority of the latest layouts have included pictures that thebwit has actually taken himself. The layouts are all very simple, they’re naturally uniform throughout the archives, and they’re nice to look at it. You can’t beat that.

In all, does really have a little bit of everything. Maybe if the latest post on PHP doesn’t appeal to you, a few words about the world’s current state might spark your interest. You’ll find something you like here – guaranteed.


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