Review 107

Wow, Buddha. Based on initial appearances, I figured I would be reading about Western religion. “The Emerald Buddha” really stuck out to me, and I found myself wondering why it was there, and why it is relevant to the site.

When I could finally stop staring at the Buddha, I got into reading the site’s actual content. The author takes us on a day-to-day journey through his life along with his experiences with web-programming. The posts are easy to read and I was quite glad I didn’t have to dig out my dictionary. What’s different about this site than other personal day-to-day commentaries I have read is that I can actually relate to thebwit. It feels like I am sitting down with an old friend, and he’s telling me what went on day-to-day. I feel the author’s purpose is to let people inside his life.

The overall design of the site is lacking something. While the Buddha stands out to me at the top of the page, I feel that more could be done to make it look more attractive. Once I scrolled down, I was basically reading black text on a white background. While this is easy to read, it does make things a little repetitive. Most of the links on the site worked, but there was one site that wasn’t linked up that the author should know about, and that was the one marked “Wendy.”

If you are looking for more than a day-to-day commentary, I wouldn’t suggest this site. The site’s backbone ARE the actual posts themselves. Also included in the site is an exercise log, but it wouldn’t be something I would want to read on a daily basis. I checked out the sites thebwit links to, and many of them are worth reading. I enjoyed playing with the “My DVD List” box, but I was expecting the movies to actually link to something.

If peeking into other people’s lives is your fancy, I would suggest reading this site. It’s easy reading and would captivate audiences of the adult age. It is interesting, but I think it could get a little repetitive after awhile. I still find myself wondering why Buddha is there, and what purpose he serves…TheBwit

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