Review 1062

(note: these guys originally submitted a GeoCities url)

I don’t know about you, but just the thought of looking at a GeoCities website makes me cringe. Nearly all beginning web designers are guilty of using GeoCities, hence my apprehension. I was hopeful, though, when I was greeted with a “we’ve moved” page. Hope did not live long when I arrived at their current location.

It looks like it is supposed to be four small town guys writing a log. There really isn’t much of a log going on here, though. I found no archives in which to better judge their writing styles. Either the log is new and there are no back entries, or they don’t think their entries are important enough that other people would want to read them. A lot of it appeared to be “mindless dribble” (as stated on the May 24, 2002 entry by Cruz) or your typical high school guy thoughts.

There really isn’t much to find out about these guys, since their “about me” section is “coming soon” (except for Cruz’s bio, making it obvious that he’s the one with the most control over the site). The “new guy” doesn’t even have a “coming soon” “about me” section. It is near impossible to get a feel of exactly what these guys contribute to the log, since like I mentioned before, there are no archives. They appear to treat their weblog more like a personal message board, since their comments are mostly from eachother.

In a few of the entries, a new layout is being hinted at. Boy do these guys need it. They have used Flash for navigation, just for the sake of Flash (one of my bigger pet peeves). They couldn’t have done much worse with their black background and frames (unless you add animated GIFs, which these guys thankfully didn’t do). All of the text was uncomfortably small to read. Reading the content was even more difficult on the interior pages when it became microscopic white comic sans text.

This site had few, if any, redeeming qualities. Dull, difficult to read entries and almost no worthwhile content on the rest of the site. This weblog would probably only be interesting to people who really know these guys.Cruz’s Page

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