Review 1061

Pink is probably one of the most difficult colors to use well, and the author’s use is average at best. I wasn’t sure what to expect, due to the bland nature of the design.

The articles listed on the front page were pretty lifeless. I browsed through some of the archives to get a better feel of the type of articles she wrote. I had a difficult time finding more than a handful that really got in touch with the author. It appeared to be mostly day to day type stuff (“I dropped the kids off and stopped at the bank…”, etc.) and the occasional link here and there to friends of hers. She sometimes talks about projects that she’s working on, but the entries about them are almost apathetic.

The site itself has a pure CSS layout (maybe a little too “simple”) that looked not quite right in my browser. A quick look under the hood explained why Netscape 4.x can’t even load it and the content to the right (nav & ‘rings) looks funny in Opera: multiple body/head tags. The visited links are difficult to see, since they blend in with the body text. I do have to admit that the design fits the log entries, though.

Overall, I was disappointed to see that someone with such a witty “about” page would have such a dull log. I would guess that only close friends or family would enjoy her entries.Work In Progress

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