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My first impression of WoF:SPRFW: You can’t have “culture” without “cult”, is that the title is about as long as the blog itself.

Furnace, the name of author, is 24 years old, lives in Canada, and that is all I was able to find out from reading. There is no archive section and the blog has only about a month of entries. Just to make sure I didn’t visit the site on a bad day I brought up Google’s cache of the website and it was pretty much the same thing (although I got to read a few more entries). There is one funny entry about the author and some friends accidentally visiting a house of prostitution, but that is pretty much as entertaining as this one got.

The author uses blogspot to host the site, nothing wrong with that, some of the best blogs out there are on blogspot, and the author picked a pretty good template. Along the left side of the blog there are some of the authors likes i.e. book, movie, and a qoute and some links to other sites.

All in all, this was just not a very interesting weblog. It needs archives, and some more info on the author (I don’t even know if the author is male or female but I think male). I don’t even know what the title of the blog means. One star, check it out if you are really bored.

WoF:SPRFW: You can’t have “culture” without “cult”

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