Review 1059

When I first saw the site, my initial thought was that it was cool and clean (and maybe a bit too “trendy”). The content is a comfortable reading size, and the overall color scheme is pleasant to the eyes.

Most of the entries appear to be about movies of some sort. Either brief reviews of movies he’s seen, or information on up and coming movies. When he’s not talking about movies, he’s got a generous amount of linkage to interesting news articles, movies, and online games. He has a writing style that is enjoyable to read.

As much as I like the writing, I am never impressed when I have to use a different browser than my default to view any site. I was completely unable to scroll any of the pages in Opera 6.02, nor was I able to expand the sub-sections on the left. There were minor display issues with Netscape 6.0 and Internet Explorer 5.0, but nothing serious enough to prevent viewing any of the information. I also had issues regarding link colors, and found myself having difficulty distinguishing exactly what was a link and what wasn’t. Not a bad design, but not the sort of style one would expect for a site mostly dedicated to multimedia.

If you don’t have any avid movie goer friends, you can adopt this guy. He’s your friendly neighborhood multimedia guru, complete with witty commentary. It is always a pleasure reading something that a writer truly loves to talk about, which this guy obviously

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