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Monkey Farts was part of at one time. As I enter the Monkey Farts blog, I am told this. Cool. Thanks for telling me. A fact confirmed when I find the ‘skindex’ of templates to choose from, one of which is resembles the leafbud site. This one, however, has different photos on it. One of the photos is supposed to be of the author’s pet fish, but on first glance looks like a purple elephant whose got a santa hat on its trunk. The other templates are more nifty, if templates are your thing, and I guess if template-picking were my thing, I’d pick the western one as the best.

Anyhoo, my immediate guess about the author is that she’s one of those people to whom ‘blog is her life and life is her blog’. This is apparent because she actually invests money into blog itself. As for me, content is of utmost importance since I am a thrifty blogger–I once paid to get rid of a banner ad–that’s it. I also immediately got the impression that this person is not an American, has perhaps a computer-related job of some sort, and seems very in-tune with herself, but semi-self conscious, all at once.

A little more looking around led me to find the author’s ‘about’ page, which proved me correct. It states that the author is a 22 year-old Australian web designer, and exclaimes “What more do you want from me?????” Well, then. I suppose peoples’ ‘about’ pages can only be what they WANT to tell us. However, in the case of Monkey (she LIKES to be called that), let me say that if your ‘about’ page is a collection of online quiz results, a fact which I find both amusing and detestable, I have no choice but to refuse any less. I must demand more.


Moving on through the archives, I see links indicating that the blog started under a year ago, and so I start following some of them. I am pleased to find entries that are frocked with sarcasm and wit, which impresses and sometimes intimidates me, although I’m sure it’s not her intention. In fact, I actually enjoyed the archives. Unfortunately, she does not carry enough of this brevity and lovely thought-provoking text into her more current entries. They retain her usual cutesy-ness, but seem mostly trite and silly: “Soon I shall have a hit counter that doesn’t count my hits and STILL has managed to reach 5000!(w00t)…Soon I will think of something interesting to blog about.” I find bloggers who express concern outloud on such things like their hit count seem semi-narcissistic in nature, and having ‘something interesting to blog about’, is sort of a hackneyed premise for an entry. Also, could someone clue me in to just exactly ‘w00t’ is? Call me dumb, I’m truly, really unsure of this. The guestbook seems to be more of a message board for people who know the author, and its older pages are all broken links.

All in all, the blog seems important to at least the author and her gaggle of followers/friends/chums/what-have-you. So that’s got to count for something, right? Sure!

I really, really, really strained hard to give Monkey Farts a 3.5, only because I miss her old entries’ style. Bring that back, Ms. Monkey, and you have won my heart.Retarded Monkey – Monkey Farts

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