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Immediately upon visiting Uffish Thoughts you are greeted with a picture of the Queen of England with her finger up her nose. I kind of new I would like the site right off the bat. I also noticed that the Queen’s picture and title on this blogspot site were where there would normally be an ad. This is kind of important to me as a reviewer, it shows me the author thought enough of her blog to put some money into it.

Chris, the author, a New Yorker (from Arkansas), started her weblog just last October, but writes fairly frequently, so there is plenty of material here. The first two months though, are predominantly links to other websites or news stories that the author finds interesting or just plain out of the ordinary. As the website does go on though, the posts have more and more personal content i.e. the authors thoughts and feelings on a variety of subjects. Some of them hilarious, some of them down right touching. The blog gets better as time goes on. The entry of December 21st were she describes the Christmas her boss gave her was hilarious enough to make me leave my cubicle at work and go outside becauase I was laughing to loud. Molly Ringwald fans (the guy ones) will find the November 12th entry invaluable, I’m sure. I especially liked how the author informs the reader when she posts a link wether its good for work viewing or not. Anyone growing up in the 80’s would love the authors photo from 1986 in the January 15th entry, they don’t do hair like that anymore. The author, on December 11th, has a very touching description of what she saw and felt on September 11th.

The site design is pleasing to the eye, nothing overly flashy and not at all plain either. All the links to outside of the site are clearly labeled on the right side (this is not always the case in blogs), and I found all the links, including the archives to work. There is even a link that explains what “uffish’ means.

Over all, a pretty gosh darn good weblog. There’s even a comments section which I’ve always thought every weblog should have. I guess my only disappointment was the lack of an ‘about’ section, it took me a little bit of reading to get to know what I did about the author, but that might be just what the author intended. Three and a half stars, check it out.

Uffish Thoughts

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