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“driving with a pinky” is a blog written by Natalie, a teenager in high school sharing with the world all the little things that make her tick which range from songs, little adventures with her friends and everything else that goes on in a teen’s life.

Despite the fact that there were so many posts on the main page of the blog, I found it hard to stay interested in the writing. It might because I don’t regularly read sites about teenager’s lives in high school, however I couldn’t really find an overall consistency. I found the different colors in posts a bit distracting and then about 3/4th of the way down the page, all the posts became italicized, which was confusing since I was curious to know why all the posts weren’t the same.

I wasn’t really able to get a really good feeling of who she was as a person from her site, which I would have liked. When I read a site I like to know or be a bit familiar with where the author’s coming from whether it’s from the writing itself or a biography on the author. Maybe a bio or “about me” section would have helped in this case.

The site is still fairly young; 2 months old and will develop more over time. However, I’m sure you might like

“driving with a pinky” if you like reading sites from a teen aspect.driving with a pinky

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