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My first impression upon visiting (Mis)Representation was; blogspot site, nothing flashy, seems kind of ordinary, just your average weblog. I’m probably going to read about someones bad dates and job complaints. Well, if there is one thing I’ve learned about reviewing blogs, is that the first impression usually means absolutley squat. When I review a weblog I like to take a quick look at the main page, look for the archives, and click on the oldest entry so I can read from day one. (Mis)Representation started just about a year ago, and thats where I started reading.

This is the weblog of Teresa Michele Montgomery, 19/20 year old Missouri college student. I think there are about one million blogs out there written by 19/20 year old college students. What separates Teresa Montgomery’s blog from many of the others, is that this is a true ‘journal’, a true ‘diary’. The author (even after finding out the increased popularity of her blog) does not start writing to her audience. She keeps writing exactly what she is feeling. There is an ‘about’ section but it really doesn’t tell you a whole lot. Its through the writing that you find out what the author is really about. Teresa, by her own admission, is struggling with a weight issue. She has an uncanny knack for falling for guys that are absolutley out of reach by virtue of already having girlfriends. This would seem tragic if it wasn’t so gosh darn comical each time it happens. The author battles depression, (the clinical kind that you need medication for) and is able to get off her medicine and handle it pretty well. In an entry that made me sit back, take a deep breath, and be thankful for my own good health, Teresa confronts the possiblity that she might have diabetes (July 29th entry). Its fascinating to anyone (this reviewer included) who has not been in that situation to read such a candid display of the expectation of the worst news, the self blame, and acceptance. Turns out the author does not have diabetes. Turns out later on in the blog the author suffers from another painful syndrome instead. Teresa, from day one of the blog confronts just about every single issue that confronts all of us from one time to another; insecurity, financial problems, sexual orientation, lonliness, family issues, medical problems, weight issues.

The blog design is pretty random. The author changes the template frequently (and the blog address as well). This would be a pain in the butt if it did not coincide with differant issues in the authors life. At one point in time she changes the site address to get away from people who are harrasing her (or maybe people she is just sick of dealing with). The design of the site is pretty fluid, along with the authors emotions. If you read this blog, you won’t notice it though. As I did, I just wanted to read the next paragraph, to see what happened next. The last entry of (Mis)Representation even mentions that her site is closing down and moving to another site. To access the new site A Rescued Destiny follow that link.

(Mis)Representaion has a few cool bonus features. There is a message board, guestbook, and a comments feature. As previously mentioned, an about section, plus the authors IM and Email address. Pretty much a well rounded blog.

The negative aspects of this site? Sometimes the entries are sporadic. But whose blog entires aren’t sometimes?

In summation, I got hooked on this blog early on (and I think you will too). This is the kind of blog all of us bloggers wanted to have when we started our own weblogs. An online diary. A TRUE JOURNAL. Nothing flashy here, just a person writing about what they really feel. Four and a 1/2 stars, check it out.(Mis)Representation

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