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“Amidst a tangled web” is a great little weblog. My first impression of this site is it was going to be a really technically website about computer/internet related content since the layout was so simple. However, once I got to reading and exploring around, I found that the site was nothing like that, but offers so much to the reader.

Dan Hersam, who’s the creator of this site has definitely got background in the computer science field and in addition, seems like a very well rounded individual. With over 600 CDs in his collection, they all range in different tastes and styles of music. There are also links to news, comics and other blogs.

The weblog adds a more in-depth look at who he is and what he enjoys doing. His site is very easy to read and I found no trouble reading it, which is a definite plus. What I liked most about this site is almost anyone can become quite involved and absorbed in his writing. Even thought it’s about the little things that go on in his life, everyone can relate to it and I liked that. In addition to his weblog, there’s so much more on his site to look at, too much to share here.

An excellent weblog that is simple and engaging.dan’s home amidst a tangled web

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