Review 1036

Delirious is a group blog described by it’s makers as “five crazy time-wasting, ranting, throwing-objects teenagers”. Upon reading it and browsing the archives you quickly come to understand that it is actually a means for 5 teen friends to communicate with each other.

This reaches almost to the point of excluding outside readers by the nature of their content. There is virtually no external linkage or reference to outside interests. As I read the site in more depth I began to wonder if they were even aware that the general public might happen upon their site. It’s probably more true to the point to say they understand what they want from this “one year old” blog and it really doesn’t involve the rest of us.

With that in mind it seems to serve its purpose for them given there is one or more blogs every day and they’ve passed the magical one year mark. I found the design for the most part easy to follow and find what you want but the color of the text made it a bit hard to read (at least on my monitor).

I gave it a 2.5 because I didn’t have any major objections to the site but also found little that would attract me back. Take a look for yourself, I suspect if you are closer to their age group you might be able to get more involved in the flow of the blogs.Delirious

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