Review 1034

This site has a very interesting concept on the splash page. A Polaroid image with a number in the corner is used for the initial navigation, and the page spans horizontally so that one must scroll left and right to view everything. Very cute!

The journal itself can be found by clicking on image “two.” We’re treated to a simple black and white layout that includes the same image from the splash page on the left, and an inline frame for the blog itself on the right. Navigation is found underneath the image and leads you to the guestbook, a list of events, and archives. The archives are extensive, stretching as far back as July 2000.

The posts are usually pretty generous in length. Topics of discussion range from current school activity to the latest concert or show. The site seems to be focused on music and shows, and it all has that sort of energy to it. It’s a pleasant, positive energy! I waited until I was through browsing the journal to check out the “about” section. Imagine my (pleasant) surprise when I learned the author is a sixteen year-old girl!

This site is a nice change of pace… check it out!connect – the – dots

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