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Goatee Style is chock-full of goatee goodness!

Ryan updates his journal on a regular basis and always has something interesting to share, whether it’s the fact that he saw “Bring It On” and actually enjoyed it or just posts some really nice pictures from his Godfather’s garden. He shares links with his readers, along with his own thoughts/opinions/commentary, and usually manages to bring out a smile and some laughter.

Navigation is very clear and simple. There’s a links header at the top of each page that includes his profile, photos, his very own comics, webcam, and contact information. There’s so much to see, but it’s all so easy to find and browse through.

Ryan is a very artistic person who enjoys using his talents in so many different mediums. He enjoys his work, and that comes through loud and clear in this site. Visit Goatee Style and take a look at everything there is to offer!

Goatee Style

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