Review 1027

I liked the design and the photo, who I guessed to be Maura. It was a nice design with everything nicely packaged and easy to find. It was nice and clean cut and not to cluttered!

The weblog is the diary of Maura. It is a catalogue of her life, what she gets up too and what she thinks of life and what is around her! She tells you about her life and her friends and family. You can also watch her on the live web cam!!

I liked the site and the links she has to her photo’s, which are worth a look. The blog is not bogged down by lists of favourites, infact she limits it to her top dozen, which keeps the clean design. You do not distracted by wandering off out of this blog, which is an advantage to keep the readers!

I enjoyed reading this as I do like personal blogs, I like the online diary concept. I found the writing easy to read and enjoyed looking at the photo’s.

This is a good one for the nosey!!!

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