Review 1026

WOW!!! Blue and black and my eyes nearly popped out in surprise. This made a nice change from the norm, I was instantly intrigued and hoped that the blog would be as loud as the design.

The weblog has just returned so there was little content there to read!! They seem to be offering video’s of concerts and live music prepared by a member of the weblog. They promise big things, but it is in its early days.

I loved this bold design, it immediately catches your eye and draws you to it! The design sections parts of so that it is easy to navigate around, but unfortunately there are a few dead ends or CGI errors there.

Due the broken links, I am unsure what bonuses are ion this site. I suspect that it will become an Aladdins cave.

The language is abit strong, but not the worse I have ever read!! The design is fantastic but I feel that it is too early to review this with the justice it may deserve.

I think this is a specialist blog and has alot of potential.


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