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Okay if you are into cheese, I mean “really” into cheese, then this is certainly the place to be. Upon first entering this cheese-like blog, one is welcomed by someone who claims to be called Cheesus. He says: “He who saves a single slice, saves the cheese entire.” This is sound advise for the average curious visitor who does not know that much about cheese, but one who is nonetheless interested in learning more about the ins and outs of this fine art. To get going, the visitor can click the cheese, this cute cheese image that opens up a navigation bar which slides out from the left. Quite clever, I have to admit, and kind of fun.

This is a group blog in which all the members-of-cheese add entries about this and that. Cheese is in this regard simply a theme that loosely holds together the content, the so-called glue. What I mean is that it is not required that everything be related closely to cheese in one way or other. This is good because otherwise the reader would quickly tire and succumb to an overdose of an acute case of cheese-itis. Cheese comes back here and there but it is not the defining force of what makes this blog really interesting. Many group blogs are just that and fail in such a regard: a loosely held together collection of entries without much cohesion. Through the clever use of the cheese theme, I think that this impressive number of various entries is given form and merits a good reading. There are quotes from philosophers, random chatter, pictures, everyday events, the number of atoms in the Universe, what matters most in life, you name it and you can probably find it here. Normal folks like you and I just trying to have some fun, sharing ideas with one another.

There’s a cheese gallery with all kinds of pictures about cheese. For those feeling adventurous, there are even a number of interesting links to other cheese-related sites. You are invited to sign the cheese guestbook where all kinds of questions are posed and you are given the opportunity to expound your thoughts on cheese. What do you think of the Cheese? Cheese? What would you like to see in cheese? What is your favorite type of Cheese? Cheese, ad infinitum.

While the actual entries are not out of the ordinary, as far as originality is concerned, I give this site a respectable rating and can recommend having a look. One can enjoy regular entries with the usual various levels of insight and fun. If cheese-like foodstuffs and other mental cheesiness easily tantalize your taste buds, then you should enjoy yourself here. Long live cheeses of all sorts.Cheese

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