Review 1023

The first thing that struck me was the elegant design. It was calming and rather soothing. I was also taken back that there were no links or “bits” down the sidebars.

The first few entries on this blog were tests or answers to questions. Then I realised that it has not been updated since the 1st of march. There were some bits in between the tests, but I have to admit that there was not alot to go on.

I have to say that I was alittle disappointed as it is a beautifully designed blog, but it was lacking in content. There are more tests than personal details, which is fair enough as not everyone wants to splash their lives out for everyone to read and make judgemental on.

There are only 3 links, one to archives, one to links and one to reviews. There was nothing to distract you from the blog, which is good, but if you don’t like the content then you have nowhere else to go.

I have to say that quizzes are not my personal thing, but this was a lovely looking blog. That combined with the lack of posts for so long made it quite hard to review. Still, if you ant to see a lovely design, go and visit.The 11th Muse

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