Review 1021

This is a very interesting photography site. The subject matter includes nature/scenic, city, random objects, and people shots. I’m certainly no expert on photography, but the photographs are varied and nice to look at.

The site uses a very clean layout, with navigation in a frame on the left and the content in the frame on the right. Archives date back to February 2002. There’s a links page, too.

One very unique thing about this site is the use of music. For each page, a song plays in the background while the images are loading. This was irritating at first, since I’m one of those people who insist on a stop button for any music on a site. I soon figured out I could right-click on the black button next to the song title and stop the music. Luckily, the music is well chosen.

My only complaint about this site is that there’s no information on the images. I’d love to know which body of water I’m looking at, or where that cool yellow hand chair is located.

Very nice site… well done!LifeThroughALens

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