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I kind of like Mc Sweet because it has a feel that it should be sitting on a Commodore 64 rather than either a UNIX or NT server somewhere in virtual space. Everything is pretty much there when you get to this site, a nice, neat blog that’s easy to browse through and a readable array of content link on the right hand side.

The weblog itself is good reading, in fact some of the stuff is just plain good humor, and I found myself having a pretty good read through the archive section as well. The best thing about the weblog is that the entries aren’t taxing to the brain, there short, they get to the point, and almost always light-hearted. A lot of the entries are music orientated, but you don’t have to be a music freak to enjoy them, which is good considering I don’t see myself as much of a music buff! What I did have a smile about was reading in his 10th April entry the 6 things he wants to do before he comes famous, strangely enough his number 4 comes in top of the things I just want to do!

The design is pretty straightforward, nothing exceptionally sticks out other than the odd few graphics in the weblog, which isn’t straining on the bandwidth. I do confess to liking the link section on the right, especially the ‘blob’ remarks, that’s a nice little touch. Author information and a few links are also given. Everything seemed to working fine when I was clicking around. The archives are also nicely stored away and easily assessable. I also came across is a site to the authors band which too is nicely put together and well worth reading.

Overall Mc Sweet was an enjoyable site to come across and I recommend it for anyone not looking for anything too hardcore but just a good easy read. I give the weblog a 2.5 out of 5 and one thumb up.

mc sweat

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