Review 1017

When I entered this site all I could think of was wow. I’m a big fan of Flash and this site was flash-packed with special effects and pretty graphics, and I knew this was going to be a very, very enjoyable review. Its always enjoyable to enter a site that has something different and unique, it makes you want to press all the links, click all the buttons and search every nook and cranny looking for anything special that you may have missed. is such a site.

Lets start with the weblog, anyone who can design something this cool must have something interesting to say yeah? Err… the trouble was I couldn’t find the weblog, I pushed everything I thought would get me to one, but no, it was nowhere to be found. Perhaps its hidden somewhere in this new version that I’ve totally missed? So I looked around even more and still couldn’t find it. I’m not sure the protocol on reviewing a weblog I couldn’t find, and I can’t help but feeling its staring right in front of me. If there is a weblog, well, it was hidden well and good and I apologize in advance if I totally missed it. It’s a little like a web site version of ‘Where’s Wally?’.

So all I can talk about is the design. Its nice, clean, and it works as to expected. I’m not sure how you could hook up an online blogger with flash, but I suspect if there were a weblog it would need to be in a different frame outside of the flash content. I don’t want to seem critical of the site, the design is amazing, but its not one designed for the use with a blog.

I was bitterly disappointed that I couldn’t find any content in this site apart from links to older versions and even they didn’t have weblogs. All in all this site probably should not have been submitted, though I feel compelled to at least plug the art work and flash content. Overall I give this site a 1 out of 5, add a blog and it could well reach 4.5.

Gavin Vincent

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