Review 1016

A nice design with colours that are easy on the eye. I nice simple navigation made up from links. A simple 2 column blog. Links in the 2nd column and information on what the author is reading etc.

Richard openly admits that he started his site as “something to do” but it has taken over and is now a daily task! You can tell this by the daily entries. Richard lets you into his life and lets you know what he likes, dislikes and how his days have been! There are an assortment of photo’s thrown in which are good, I liked his style!

The design is clean and simple with no fuss and nothing to distract you from the main blog. The links live on a page on their own which I think is a good idea as it allows you to surf the page without distraction. His writing is concise and interesting and you feel as though you could get to know him via his blog.

The photo’s, for me, were a plus on this site, and the fact that there is really on his writing to take all your concentration. I do like simple blogs where you have no fear of getting lost!! I do like the blogs that tell the stories of a persons life, and this certainly does that! He also has a web cam, but I missed that with the time difference!!

Overall I really enjoyed reading this blog and I loved the simplistic layout. I may even have to pop back again!

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