Review 1015 did anything but put me to sleep! This is a site that combines a simple, uncluttered layout with witty, intelligent thoughts.

Heather is a twenty-two year-old girl living in Massachusetts (I love spelling that word!). Her journal archives don’t go past March 8, 2002, so I didn’t collect too much background info on her, but her “about” page covers the basics. She claims she loves grammar but can’t spell, yet I didn’t find any obvious spelling errors. Way to go! 😉

The navigation on this site consists of four text links at the top of each page – log, photos, about, links, and archives. Each page is laid out nicely and in the same format. The few graphics she has (excluding the photo page) load quickly. Her photo page contains thumbnails arranged by date. The thumbnails load quickly and each image opens in a pop-up window.

There’s nothing flashy about this site, but it’s perfect that way. Heather’s entries are inviting and easy to read, and I would recommend this site to anyone who’s interested in a nice, easy read that leaves you with a smile on your face.


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