Review 1014

If a flashy layout, an extensive site, and a well-maintained weblog is what you’re looking for in a site, then Marcos Owns Me is worth your time to check out.

While I never would have guessed it by just reading through the site, Marcos is a 16 year old high school student. His journal entries aren’t about the typical teenage sagas, and that’s well appreciated in audiences of all ages.

Reading the updates were entertaining, and well worth the time.

The site is very thorough, and all equally as interesting. He has a very extensive image gallery, some very handy downloads, several hilarious chat transcripts, and some helpful CGI scripts – just to name a few of the noteworthy things at Marcos Owns Me.

Marcos’ site is suitable for the teenage crowd and above, but there’s certainly something for nearly everyone at this site. Marcos Owns Me

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