Review 1008

The first thing thing I saw when visiting this site was a picture of a hippo. The picture of the hippo coupled with the layout of the site immediately made this site a place I wanted to stay for a while. And I did.

Pazazygeek has a very soft color to it. While normally a light greenish-blue and pink wouldn’t mesh very well together, Elena has put together a very nice color combo for the layout.

There’s not much about the personal life of Elena, who is a self-proclaimed wanna-be rockstar. I was intrigued enough to go exploring throughout the site and was happy with my findings: a bit more about the author, and even some MP3s of Elena’s music to download.

The conspicuous consumption of links I gathered from visiting this site was definitely worth the trip.

“Conspicuous Consumption” is “a very hungry blog indeed”. And if you’re looking to fill a hunger of informative links, with witty and well-stated opinions, then this is your site to visit.Pazazygeek: Conspicuous Consumption

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