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When I first entered into this site I was pleased with what I saw, a nicely laid out piece of work that was appealing to the eye and not cluttered. The menu system is nicely placed up the top and out of the way while the blog itself runs neatly through the size of the browser window with a link column, alphabetically placed on the left. I rubbed my hands with glee thinking how sweet it will be to review this site, Fireballs & Tsunami.

I then read the blog and found myself scratching my head to make sense out of it all, not that it was hard to read or poorly written, its just that it seemed a little too vague, as if I wasn’t sure what exactly was going on. I decided that to be fair it was only possible to really give an accurate review was to hit the archive section, perhaps it would enlighten me how I was suppose to interpret the latest posts. After reading through it again I understood that the weblog was pretty much focused around the pictures taken by the author Jennifer and when I say pictures I mean a truckload of pictures. If anything it gave an interesting twist on weblogs, and I actually really enjoyed going through all the posts to date. Everything from a picture of Jennifer’s study books to an interesting tree, each picture told a different thought or story, something I hadn’t come across on the net before.

I did however find myself wondering how slow this site would take to load without my T1 connection? Any site with numerous pictures and images will always be pleasant to someone with a respectable internet connection, however to the average user with a dial up they become some what of a waste of time. Archiving between posts more often would probably be the way to go here, breaking up large downloading time into small fragments would make everyone a lot happier. Having a link back to the weblog once you go somewhere else on the site would have been nice, though I did find it on the image of the author, a bit hidden away for my liking, but no big deal.

The site has plenty to offer, film reviews, concert information, a stack load of links and yes, even some jokes, its more then enough to keep you stuck to the screen for a decent while. With plenty of pictures to scroll through its more than likely this weblog will be more appealing then your average Joe blog site, though perhaps sometimes it can be a tad over done.

To sum it up there really isn’t too much wrong with Fireballs & Tsunami, its interesting to read and really puts a different spin on weblogs in general. I personal urge any weblog fan to have a look and see if this style is something you either love or hate, I personally found it refreshing and give it the big thumbs up. I give Fireball & Tsunami a hearty 3.5 out of 5. Top notch stuff.

fireballs & tsunami by Jennifer Piston

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