Review 1004

This is the group blog section of a
site for self-titled “Alt-Rock-Worship-
Emo-Punk” band Dead Yet Living.

The main logo changes every time
you visit the site, and clicking on it
takes you to a site that somehow
relates to the picture. This is a clever
if not entirely useful feature, but I did
learn a lot about historic cow-milking

The layout is simple and easy to
read; black text on a white
background. A picture of the writer
accompanies each post, which is
always a nice feature, I think. As is
the extensive “Staff Profiles” section,
where you can learn a lot more about
all of the staff at Dead Yet Living. As
an example of a group blog well
executed, this really is very good.

The posters basically write about
their lives, with a focus on how they
are affected by their religion.
Because Dead yet Living are a
Christian band, and they never let
you forget it. If phrases like “praise
the Lord” and “growing closer to
God” make you want to go out and
nail someone to a cross, avoid this
site at all costs. Otherwise, it is
eminently readable and enjoyable.
Especially, I would assume, for
fellow Christians or those interested
in religious discussion.

I couldn’t finish this review without
mentioning the band’s music. I
followed the link to their page at and checked out the first
three songs. The style reminded me
very much of early mxpx or blink182
(think cheshire cat). If this is your
bag, and you don’t mind the constant
biblical references, then check out
Dead Yet Living: “Rockin’ out for
God’s glory”.Dead Yet Living

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