Review 1003

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Before I even started to read or before I COULD even start to read this weblog, I had to close three different pop up windows. I hate pop up windows.

There’s not much to the design of the site, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It wasn’t terrible to look at, but wasn’t something that left me in complete awe.

The “about me” section, while very complete and thorough, is quite cumbersome to read through.

The weblog itself is filled with the typical teenage angst of a 17 year old boy. Posts are very infrequent as of late, but Nathan does have a good sense of humor and a nice writing style.

Fun things I noticed? Nathan wears a very cool hat in his current cam picture, and the fan signs are a neat addition.

For Nathan’s age group, this is probably a bookmark-worthy site, however, it may not be something for people of all ages.A New Maven

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