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Erin’s Story certainly isn’t going to set your world alight, and at first glance I kind of thought I had struck out on this review due to its basic design and very little else. A web cam is always a nice start, and when you got the blessing of some good looks, well, why not let the world share in it too? Certainly placing a face to a blog can explain a fair few things not to mention add a dimension of personality to it.

The weblog I found rather amusing if anything, not exactly the kind of material you’d find in the study halls of Oxford University, but to the point, no fuss, and almost giving you the feeling of the author as she wrote it. Well I won’t exaggerate, when someone is drunk they don’t post much and when they’re happy we find that the caps lock becomes key of the hour, and as annoying as this is for most people, it almost seemed fitting for this blog. I guess the best thing you can say about this weblog is that its not laboring, Erin doesn’t drivel on, keeps it short and very much too the point, which I found very appealing.

If there’s one thing I would want to enforce about the design of the weblog it’s the use of scroll bars within a site, in particular horizontal scroll bars. In brief, horizontal scroll bars in a blog are plain evil. No one likes reading a blog and then forced to scroll across to catch the last 2 words of a line, and my screen is set to 1024 x 768 so its hardly what you would call small, so perhaps there’s something that can be changed. Resizing images and pictures too could well help here, waiting for a blog to load due to one huge image file can ruin the experience. However the fact that she uses graphics to break up entries etc is refreshing and a feature I liked.

Polls and questions made the site interactive, again something enjoyable to play with, and it does help the old brain stay awake instead of mindless reading all the time. The big plus about this site is there is plenty of information about Erin, her family and her life, and I confess I read through most of it. There’s also some very interesting pictures and animations.

Erin’s Story is light reading, and whilst not being too ‘advanced’ it certainly is interesting enough to want to take a look at. I give Erin’s Story a 2.5 out of 5 though I’m sure a lot of the readers will juggle their vote between 1 and 4. Happy reading!Erin’s Story

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