Review 1000

I’ve always thought splash pages were supposed to be a bit flashy, or somewhat of an introduction of the contents of the site you’re about to enter, but at “daydreamy” all you get it the word “enter”. Interesting… but in a good way.

Upon entering the site, the weblog is what you’re met with. The weblog is attractively placed in just a black outlined box. The layout draws your attention to the weblog, which appears to be the purpose of this site.

I like how the author shares daily antecdotes in her writing, and does so in a way that is entertaining. While some of the entries may be long, the read very quickly, and I really felt as if I could picture exactly what was taking place.

A more extensive “about” section would have been ideal, but by reading through months of weblog entries on the site, the reader can grasp a complete idea of what the author is really like.

Definitely worth a visit, especially if you’re looking to add another weblog to your list of daily reads.


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