Review 96

First impression… This site is crammed full of stuff. Reaction after realizing how it the layout works… This site has too much going on.


I did not like this design one bit. I am sorry, but even though I like the right hand side thing, there was just too much. Three column layout that fit nicely into less than half of my screen. There is a problem. First column took me forever to figure out, then I realized it was people’s comments. The comment form is in the center column with a little bio above it. Third column is the weblog itself. Hard to read as it was pushed so far to the right. Also with the other two columns of info, it was difficult even with the vertical line.


Good content. Take a 16 year old kid who enjoys computers and video games. Give him a weblog. What do you get? A weblog about a 16 year old. I miss those days. Free spirited and not having to worry about much of anything. I like the comment he makes

I’m working eight out of nine days (since Wednesday). That’s going to kill me, it’s already started.

Let the flood of comments begin. 8 out of 9 days would be nice for me. Ahh the life.


The content is really good, but the design just takes away from it too much for me to really like this one. If there is a new design where it is easier to read the main part of the site, then I will probably really enjoy it. But until then, I just can’t give it a good score.exuda