Review 93

Well while going through the site I found two mentions of the weblog review. The first one said that he was waiting for his review and the second one said:

i signed up for this weblog review today, so i better get some type of a good one or i will hunt down the little fucker and well……..thank him?

So the dilemma has begun. Do I or do I not give this guy a good review. Do I give him a good ranking? What to do…

Lets start with the design. There is this site that I reviewed not too long ago called ackpth that looks very similar in design. both sites just use black and white and gray. I do like the two column layout of this site better than just the one column layout.

Next we have the posts. First post I read I did not like. Then I started reading the achieves (where I found the mentions of this site) and I read a post that I really liked. He said:

i know some of you are going to stop linking me after reading this, and thats fine. i expected that.

to which I just kept on reading. That one line caught my attention and made me want to figure out if there were any other posts that I might want to not link him for.

Overall a really good site with content that is meaningful. He doesn’t care if he pisses you off in the process of his posts because he realizes they are his posts.

So I guess now comes the part were I decide what to give him for a ranking. The review is a good one, but should I give him a bad ranking just to throw a curve ball and make him think I didn’t enjoy the site? Nope. Cause I did enjoy reading the site and I hope you will too.aphony

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