Review 92 is a group blog (as near I can tell) and the content strikes me more as a conversation between friends than something geared to the general public. Reading it is a bit like tuning into a TV show you’ve never seen before, half-way through. You spend most your time trying to figure out who is who and what is going on.

But lets focus on the positive side (unless you’re a voyeur, in which case the content IS the positive side). The design is easy to navigate; no risk of getting lost at all. The layout is good (though I’ve never cared for white text on a dark background, I’m old you see, the eyes ain’t what they used to be :P).

There are some (if you look deep enough) entertaining blogs and other things on this site. They have music lists and movie reviews and even some conversation threads (which were actually the funniest read on the site). I guess after viewing the site I’m left wondering what role as a reader I’m expected to play in it. They don’t really make clear what they are trying to accomplish and they don’t really make clear who is trying to accomplish it. I think the site will appeal to a very specific group of weblog reader’s tastes. Take a look and see if you are one of those specific readers, I wasn’t.


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