Review 9

Well this site decided that they don’t like The Weblog Review because I try to find at least one good thing about each site. So lets find the good in her site first… I like that she doesn’t hold back with her thoughts on what she is posting. Also her “Guest Wannabies” as she calls them have a good way of wording things also. However, that is all that I liked of the site. I thought the layout of the site was very ugly, the fact that in the upper left hand corner it says “Hello, Its now (insert date)” is a very old javascript function that dates back to when javascript was first introduced. Next below that she has a “Choose your colour scheme” Again a fairly old dhtml/css trick that has been around the block more than a few times. The site without reading its content seems to me like it is trying hard to impress you with its “high tech” dhtml/css tricks and what have you. Unfortunately for them, it did not do that for me.Weblog Wannabe

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