Review 86 is a ‘personal weblog’ described by its owner as ‘a way to sort out life, find a method to the madness’. From reading the varied subjects she covers I think she uses it for exactly that. She has a good writing style; welcoming almost. The content of the site centers mainly on her life and thoughts (which btw is the truest ideal for a personal website, in contrast to sites of mostly links). I found it a good read and one I would add to my own weekly read list.

The design is simple and clean. Well, depending on which design you select, that is. She has set up the site in such a way as to allow you to select from several layouts. It’s a nice feature and being Ruzzman I chose the urinal layout J. I think there’s a layout for most people and it seems regardless of which you choose they are all easy to navigate and use.

She’s got most the standard fare for a personal site but put a little extra work into the reading section (with book reviews & ratings). I also enjoyed reading her about page (which normally I don’t) because she told me the things I actually wanted to know. All in all a good website and worth a few moments of your time to decide if you agree.


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