Review 84

The Stranger is more a journal than a weblog – but a damned fine journal it is.

As I read the weblog, my first impressions were that it wasn’t really to my taste. A little too much angst-ridden introspection, the tone was too heavy… pretty depressing reading all things considered. Now some people really get into emotional blogs, but personally I like to be entertained.

However, as I read on, I found both a reason for all the pain, and some really funny observant writing too, such as a savage depiction of the cheerleaders he is currently tolerating. The posts are generally interesting and intelligently written, while a rich seam of creativity can be glimpsed in the form of song lyrics / written pieces.

Also, the design has a cool, crisp quality, which I love.

In general then, I’d certainly reccommend a visit, if only to make your own mind up. I know that I’ll make a return visit.thestranger

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